Designing an atreus/iris-inspired keyboard - The Pteron

That looks like the speedo board :smiley:

Na na na na na na na na Batboard ♪

You have a point :grinning:

I’ve thought about Batboard, but it kinda reminded me too much of Batman. But perhaps that’s not an issue.

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Well, that would be why I referenced the theme song :grinning:

This board is nothing but amazing! I’m out looking for something like an Atreus, but with with more staggering for the pinkies and more thumb keys, this seems to fit my needs perfectly.

Nice work!

Looks like the Speedo board already exists :smile: GitHub - cozykeys/speedo: A 66-key ergonomic mechanical keyboard
Designed by @wangledorf: Ergo87 Progress Thread - #4 by wangledorf

Think I’ll just rename it Pteron for now.

Still haven’t had the time to do the soldering on the prototypes I received a while ago, but perhaps til weekend. I’m currently on holiday, so it would be nice to have a completed board to use on work on monday!

Soldering is coming along slowly. Too keep motivation up I threw on some DSA keycaps I recently got from AliExpress.

Turns out I have made the distance between the outermost thumb keys a tad too small, so the keycaps snag on each other (the two SUPER keys). I’ll probably just file down the corners of the keycaps for now.


Is that a Norbaforce box I see there? :open_mouth:

You are indeed correct.

I have updated the github repo and increased the distance between the two “halves” by 3mm to accomodate for DSA keycaps. In case someone other than me actually ends up trying out this board :smile:


In case someone is more interested in “true 40%” layouts, i also made a 44key version.

Aaaand I added a 38 key version since I had the project open. This is the most aesthetically pleasing version so far IMO.

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Looks amazing! Nice logo, something like this could be etched into the keyboard. I’m inclined to build another keyboard, also I really don’t need one ATM, because this is exactly what I would want. A split variant would be interesting as well also a single board is easier to carry around.

Perhaps I’ll draw up a split version later today. That should actually reduce the parts cost a bit, since the halves are just mirror images, so you can order 2 small parts instead of one large.

Would be great!
Yes if there is no foil needed on one side that could bring down the cost for small batches.
I needed a foil for my alumniun Iris and therefore had to mirror the plates

Here’s a first rough test

I’m a bit concerned about the lack of material around the thumb cluster. This could be an issue for acrylic plates, but should be fine for steel/alu plates.

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So perhaps something like this is better

Sorry for spamming this thread, but here’s a finished split version of the 56key (so technically a 28 key…).


You could also make all but one side curved. Would maybe be more consistent

Not sure what you mean here. Could you perhaps make a sketch?

Yes, planned to do that anyway