Deskeys Neverest 60 - a wholly third party HHKB analog

I just purchased one of these, and was surprised I hadn’t seen a Keebtalk topic about them. Deskeys has been working on their own EC product line, which includes a 60 (perfect clone of HHKB ANSI layout) 65 (HHKB JIS-ish), and a numpad which is designed to connect in line with the larger keyboards so you only need to run a single cable to your device.

What’s noteworthy about this keyboard beyond the incredibly well thought-out design is that besides the keycaps it is entirely third party components, all from Deskeys. They designed the PCB, sliders, slider housings, springs, domes, silencing rings, stablizer wires, the works. I’m pretty impressed with the feel of it! No discernable wobble in the sliders with keycaps installed, and I can shake the dickens out of the board and it is completely silent; something I can’t always say for topre boards.

Here are a few pics I took while building, and how I’m currently using it (via usbc-usbc to my tablet):

Keyboard straight out of the box, including the option kit.

Neverest nameplate, from the inside of the case. Yes, that is COMIC SANS. What a madlad.

My build about 2/3 of the way through, with 35g carrots, des sliders and housings, des #6 foam silencing rings, basically their default build kit, with carrot domes chosen as an option.

Topside view, showing off several other Des components. The branding appears on the inside several times, but is absent the outside save a small D medallion on the base.

Board in its place on my work desk. I spent 9 hours typing on it, and enjoyed every moment.

Catching rays outside with a Matsuba Factory wristrest. One of the other impressive features of this board is the fact that they managed to deliver everything within the same length, width, and height dimensions of an OEM HHKB Classic keyboard, including a similar angle and bezel width. I don’t think any of the other aftermarket HHKB housings/boards have come close.

How I’ve been using it post-work, plugged into my tablet and enjoying the back yard.

I’m impressed.


Oh yeah, a link may help! you can pick them up here. If they’re out of stock, wait a bit and check back. Their stated goal is to release them in batches so they’re not overwhelmed packing and shipping them, and I’ve seen them go out of stock and re-fill at least three times now:

I bought on the 8th and it was delivered to me in Texas on the 12th. I won’t say it’ll get to you as quickly, but I was fairly impressed. Let me know if you have any questions about the board.


Thanks. I’ve never seen this product. I own a lot of deskeys domes and sliders, but I didn’t know they were making a board.

How do you specify dome preference when you order?

This is somehow a well kept secret and I’m not sure why DESKeys chose to go that route, but regardless, I’m well aware and drooling.


Super write-up there Jason.

It’s great to see movement in the EC cup rubber market.
All the best to Deskeys for their products.

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I contacted Des directly via their Discord, but they have an email address attached to the receipt you could also probably contact them through.

Gotcha. I guess you could also leave it in the order notes. I was wondering if I had overlooked something on the order page, but I guess not. I’m on the fence. Love the idea, but wondering if I should wait for Norbauer’s new designs for my next EC board.

I love that this is an homage to the HHKB down to the correct layout. I am impressed with their stabilizers too. Looks really well thought out. This particular case design is a little plain, that is the only thing missing - some flair.

Post a sound test? Or is this fully silenced?

I think they do want you to put your selections in the notes - this is on the main product page:

" (Please MUST remark dome type when placing this kit. e.g. V1 Purple, V2 Tiffany, V3 Pink, Carrots 35g etc.)"

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Just a little info for your budget planing, I’m working on a housing, too. :grin:


Looks like they added a field for comments on the order page. You click “Add instructions for seller” and boom, you get a dropdown window to add notes/requests:

You can also specify which silencing rings and springs you want, and I’d highly recommend doing so if you have a preference. It looks like if you request carrot domes they default to volcano springs unless you specify the conical (oem-style) springs.

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The Neverest 19 showed up. This is such a cool pairing. The 19 has a passthrough usb-c connection so you can plug your keyboard into it and only have one connection to your device.


Does the Neverest 19 have different layout options?

It’s a standard layout with the single 2u in the lower right, though is fully reprogrammable. Third party or later PCBs may change this.


ahh, wasn’t sure if it retained the 23U’s multiple/overlapping pads (albeit they were unused with a standard plate).

Honestly, it’s a little odd that they would use the 23U’s layout (ish, ignoring the top row) if they were going to include MX sliders.

Looks awesome though and matches very well to the neverest. The tethering is a master-stroke as well.

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I did a build of another Neverest 60 earlier today and streamed it on Twitch. If anyone’s wanting a more hands-on look at the keyboard, check this out here. Please be kind, it’s literally my second stream ever and the first that was more than a 20 minute tech shakedown. Apparently the link won’t post so hit Twitch (same username as here and on discord), it’s the only video on there right now.


very cool. I haven’t watched the entire thing yet but it looks like you were having a good time. That speaks a lot for the keyboard, honestly :slight_smile:


Jason was an awesome host. Looking forward to more streams.

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Anywhere we can follow you for updates? :smiley:

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In a few weeks I should be posting here.