Desoldering Opinions

Hey, folks - I just wanted to pick your brains about something. I’ve decided to make the leap and upgrade to one of the last pieces of kit I need to be more efficient, a desoldering gun / station. I really only plan to do keyboards with it, and mostly just switches. Here’s my question:

Is there any reason for me to get anything else besides the Hakko FR-301?

Either way, are there any associated tools you’d recommend that don’t come with the kit? Cheers, and thanks.

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ZD-915 would be my budget recommendation, but if you have the money to go straight to the FR-301, I’d recommend going to the Hakko.


For the Hakko FR-301; I’d recommend the 1.6mm nozzle for general switch pins:
1.6mm Nozzle

For through hole diodes or smaller through hole components, you might want to get the smaller 0.8mm.

Don’t forget to purchase at least 1 pack of these filters when you purchase your FR-301:


This the one I use.

Engineer SS-02 Solder Sucker

It’s the best of many I’ve tried but I’ve never tried any of those phat electro numbers. Also curious if they’re worth it.

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After ruining 2 pcb’s and finally jump on a desoldering station (zd-915 on sale, was like 100$) I must say a desoldering station is the best invention ever in terms of tools. Waaaaay more easy to desolder, and fast.

Edit: Once you go Brrrrrr you can never go Vuooopp


The hakko is amazing, you just have to make sure to clean it out once in a while and it’s like an iron where you have to make sure to tin the tip and replace it sometimes. I won’t use anything else anymore.


The FR-301 was on eight weeks back-order here. I needed something sooner, so I bought an, essentially, chinese knockoff 140w station from RS-Online. It turns out to work perfectly well, comes with a selection of tips, and was half the price of the Hakko.

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