Despite currently only being available soldered, I'd almost be ready to call this the budget king of the year. Gasket mounted steel plate, flex cuts on the PCB, and QMK/VIA OOTB for $35? Keychron C3 Pro [Review | Teardown | Sound Test]

It’s hard to believe that one can now buy a $35 QMK/VIA, gasket mounted, flex cut prebuilt from a known brand.

I look forward to modding this keyboard.

What do you think about it?


Damn, that is a great price for the features of the board!


My thoughts as well, that’s a lot of keyboard for what accounts to less than the cost of dinner at a decent restaurant.


Ha, wild! I love seeing features trickle-down the budget tiers.

I re-built another one of the Keychron C-series boards, and I was really impressed considering it cost less than the average dinner out or pizza delivery.


Picked one up last week for $30 when I had to order some other amazon crap - was really more curious to see how keychron was doing their keymapping[1] … but for something less than the price of most PCBs - really not bad at all … sounds pretty good OOB, decently lubed and the cheap browns have a nice light tactile feel - makes for a great cheap beater

[1] just need to sideload the json hidden here: