Difference between DSA and VSA profile

Hi all!

I am wondering if anyone has some more information about Vortex’ VSA-profile?

All information I found is that it’s similar to DSA, which is easy to tell by the pictures.

But how similar?

It seems that the caps’ surface is a bit bigger, and maybe less spherical.
But is that really the case?

Does anyone have both VSA and DSA profile and could do me the favour and compare them thoroughly? Maybe even some side-by-side pictures?

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Totally. It’s almost like a cross between DSA and PG. DSA, but taller (doubleshot) with a flat top. Interesting for sure.

Is VSA really taller than DSA?

I found some pictures that suggest that they’re the same height.

My reason for asking is that I am looking for (preferably low profile) uniform caps that are doubleshot and available in Norwegian.

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