Different switches for mod keys

Do you guys use any forms of mixed switches for your modifiers? I’m specifically thinking shift / backspace / enter. What switches do you recommend if you don’t use whatever switch you’re using for alphas? I have lighter MX Zilent hybrids (zealio housing, lubed with 205g0 and mx black stems with 45g springs as opposed to 62g) for the bottom row ctrl / alt / win. I’m specifically looking to reduce bottom-out noise (stabs have already been modded) but I also don’t want to sacrifice the feel of the keys themselves. Thoughts?

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With me, it depends on how the build came out, usually to address sound issues. Adding extra lube, reducing spring weight, or replacing tactile with linear, or regular with silent is what I try and it usually happens with modifiers or keys around the edge.

The key with which I do this most often is the space bar. I have a couple of linear boards using Holy Panda switch for the space key. It wasn’t intentional but when it sounds better, it’s better.

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I’ve done silent linear for the space bar on linear builds

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Have you done any experimenting with reducing bottom out? The linears I’ve been using are pretty quiet to begin with, but the bottom out on the spacebar is particularly harsh. I’m not sure I want to make my spacebar disgustingly heavy with a massive spring weight, but that definitely is something that I’ve considered

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Nope, it’s not something that has bothered me

Yes. What I usually do when I have time is fill-in the space bar key with heavy foam or epoxy, making it heavier. Then I match it with a spring that can support the extra weight but not much more. I don’t know exactly why but the result prevents me from heavy bottom out and the bottom out sound is low-pitched, like a log hitting the ground, so less bothersome. Holy Panda with heavy spring does pretty much the same except for the bottom out sound.

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I remember Ducky tried this a few times…


Ducky Shine 4 69

Thanks, I hate it.


I have used a zeal v1stem in panda housing with a qmx silencing clip on two of my boards, that and foam under the spacebar is nice.

Also nice is using creams on smaller spacebars, which is one of the benefits of using an alice layout board. :wink:

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Cherry did that with their (vintage) programmable Cherry G80-2100:

At least mine has normal (vintage) Cherry MX Blacks, but three keys, especially those which switch to programming mode or change the layer of the 24 programmable keys, had much heavier springs (IIRC around 150g) in there — and you really don’t press them accidentally, even though they’re left and right of the “up” cursor key. Some people call those switches Cherry MX Superblack.

The third MX Superblack switch is IIRC either under the Scroll Lock key or the Pause/Break key. No more sure under which of them.