Disappointments in Television

So Star Trek Picard was a major disappointment (although to be expected based on how they handled Discovery)…

It got me thinking about various other disappointments in Television like the ending to How I Met Your Mother… or anything after season 2 of Man in the High Castle… etc etc.

What were your big disappointments in television? What shows let you down from the get-go, or after a buildup?


What happened to you, True Blood?

What happened to you?

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Does anime count?

My disappointment is the Korean drama Big.
What was that ending?!

Of course, how can we forget about tragedies like Akame ga Kill, Darling in the Franxx, and Soul Eater, and so many others -_-

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I’d mention Game of Thrones, but that’s almost a cliche at this point.


I will say the Megalobox ending…
I really wanted to see the fight.

DONT GET ME WRONG. I will watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia no matter what. However, going back and watching season 2-5 makes it painfully obvious how much they turned the cast from characters into caricatures. I’ll never turn on the gang, but man, it sure didn’t get better as it went on.


Before GoT, one of the classic examples was Battlestar Galactica (reboot).

It started so strong with all the elements fans liked, but then became a largely fruitless ‘who is the Cylon’ hunt and cryptic and convoluted prophecy all leading ultimately to very little.

All the elements that upset many fans were also present from the beginning, but while we lost the cool space battles, character-based (not plot-driven) drama, and sense of a coherent mystery and plot, the more controversial “Lost-style” elements were present throughout and intensified over time.

It started out as “cool space battles / race for survival” and then “debating on spaceships” and got further bogged down as it went. This 16-bit satire kinda summed it up:

(spoilers, obviously.)


A possible controversial one is the ending for The Sopranos. I know people who thought it was good, and I know people who haaaated it.

The whole last season of Scrubs didn’t need to exist T_T.

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Oh, I forgot about Dexter. Really disappointed when the show takes the time to explain over and over how a psychopath is incapable of feeling… and then he falls in love two seasons later. Was dumb.

The whole Hanna plot was bad. Don’t know who green-lit that one


Ugh, best show, super boring last season.

Nah, Sopranos maintained consistent quality throughout. Maybe the greatest ending in television history.

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I was about to say that. Great show, terrible last episode.

You know, that’s a really good analysis. I’ve been a fan since s01e01, but I can see what you’re saying. I never did relate very well to any of them (despite loving the show), but I think they get harder to relate to over time. That said, I still look forward to new seasons!

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Game of Thrones. I felt like I watched my favorite team throw the game after going up by 42 at half time.

Oh, and Supernatural with the formula that started to become:

  • Current season – These are the new improved bad guys who are super difficult to fight, not like last seasons bad guys.
  • Next season – JK, last season’s bad guys sucked. Super easy to kill off now. BUT we have new super unkillable bad guys.

It got to the point I couldn’t enjoy the show anymore knowing that this season’s big baddie was going to be the running joke the next season.

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Oh man, that Megalobox ending was such a downer…

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Ooo House of Cards :face_vomiting:

I can’t bring myself to watch these two because I heard they were “meh” versions of older works I love;

The Prisoner (remake of the BBC’s first miniseries)


Childhood’s End (serialization of the Arthur C. Clarke novel)

If they had brought back Doakes as a cyborg, it would have saved the show.

[If you’re going campy and ridiculous, then go all the way…]

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I don’t think there has been anything remotely as disappointing as the GoT final season ever. Me and my friends were crazy about the show, but never mentioned anything from it ever since the final episode. It almost feels like a PTSD.