Disappointments in Television

There is a category of show that I find fascinating.

I don’t have a name for it but it is basically when the quality of the show goes down noticeably, but the characters are so charming you watch anyway. Sort of like watching a “mystery box” show like Lost, just to see what happens, regardless of whether you actually think it is good.

Shows in the character driven category that declined in quality, but I had to keep watching:

  • Cheers
  • The Office
  • Parks and Rec

Big disappointments include most of the Marvel Shows on Netflix other than Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and season 1 of Luke Cage (season 2 was terrible).

SPACE FORCE is my most recent disappointment. I can’t tell if it is just plain bad, or just that expectations were too high given the cast and producers involved.

Oh and seeing people mention GoT reminded me - All of the Hobbit movies were terrible. I’d rather watch the Rankin & Bass one from 40 years ago.


I’m right there with ya I watched like one or two episodes and was like “well that’s too bad” and just turned it off…

Hobbit. Yes.

I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the new Hobbit bloat-movies. The Rankin & Bass clearly had more charm, personality and connection to the setting than those bombastic turds every could.

As someone said, the new Hobbit movies removed everything that was compelling about the book and emphasized everything that wasn’t.

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Good on you for making it through a couple episodes, I think I lasted 40 seconds. Basically the first joke of the first scene, and I slammed Spacebar to mute before my brain turned to jelly.

The ending of Dark City was absolute bollocks. I know it’s been a while, but I’m still salty about that.

It mainly feels like show writers don’t know how they want to end anything. That or a show gets to a point where it just drags. Rick and Morty hit that for me in season 4, it just felt like it was running on autopilot.


Oh oh!!!
How is anyone forgetting The Doctors?

I have never seen this, but googling it reveals a talk show that has run for 12 years with 94% approval. What is the issue the The Doctors?

Ah, it’s a Korean drama my friend.
I really hated the ending… As did most people.

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I hated the way Castle ended. For me I got hooked on the flipflop game where one lead would express interest in the other but the timing would be bad so they give up and move on and when that happens the other lead would express interest. On top of that they had awesome overarching stories in the beginning like 3XK. The last like 3 out of 10 seasons were just so bad, everything was procedural, when they got married they didn’t have a fun dynamic anymore. Even when they dropped interesting cliffhangers it would be immediately answered within 5minutes of the 1st episode and they would go Back to a self contained episode again, not to mention always having a halloween episode is the one that sticks out to me.

I expected to see a conversation about fake-sounding keyboards on tv shows lol.

The later seasons of Breaking Bad were disappointments for me. I felt like there was a moment when the show “ended” before it kept going.

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When Skylar found out…

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I rewatched the show last month. When I first watched it back then I felt the same as you. When rewatching it now, it made more sense the way things evolved even though some parts seemed rushed. It’s a nice show and well tailored :slight_smile: . Indeed it’s more entertaining in the beginning because of the plot, boldness of Walter and the “transition to bad” part, but the story is well made and it gets more mature as we see how the characters evolve and what are the consequences of the imoral actions, and the unstoppable wave of events they create, that cause dramatic events and suffering for all involved.

A recent disappointment for me is the appalling show that is batwoman/girl. I tried watching… I couldn’t. Why would you do that to such a perfect character?

This is just another bad view at a classic like the new Ghost Busters movie… It was fun in its own way but as a ghost busters movie… No way.

The Prisoner remake was the biggest disappointment of that year, and I expected to be massively disappointed.
That’s including SG:U, which I still think really could have gone somewhere and just didn’t. SG:U is my category pick, tbh.


Fringe. It was so good up until the last season!


“Now LET me tell you something, AGENT…”

[ glares menacingly through narrowed eyes ]

“…you did an excellent job out there today - that’s exactly what I like to see.”

Oh, another show I thought was pretty fun until the last season was Netflix’s Dark - all kinds of spoopy mystery and intrigue in the first two but man did the plot of season three go off the rails and jump a whole school of sharks in the process.


I also enjoyed Dark quite a bit actually! I agree the third season was not as strong but I still liked it. I think the show was so well done because they new from the start that they were going to tell the story in 3 seasons. That way they could plan everything out beforehand instead of like, oh shit, season 1 did well so I guess we’ll make another season. Even so, season 1 and 2 were definitely stronger.

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The first 3 seasons of Longmire were really good, but the 4th season ruined it.

I went into Picard, with such low expectations, because of Discovery, that I actually thought it wasn’t that bad…

Doakes, should have teamed up with Dexter…

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