Discourse Tips and Tricks

How about a thread on Discourse so new users can quickly learn.

I have a couple of tips:

  1. Highlight certain text and a Quote button appear. Click to quote that person and text.

  2. If you want to quote the whole post, click Reply and then click the chat balloon on the top left of the editor.

  3. While you are in the editor box, you can continue to scroll the thread above to highlight and quote. This will automatically be added into the editor, making it so much easier to multi quote.

  4. Topics which you replied to will be automatically Tracked. That means in Unread you will see them if there’s new answer. You will also see a bubble notification on the thread list if there are new conversations.

  5. You can Watched threads. This will send you notification on your Avatar (top of screen) to show you there’s new conversation. You can always change them to Normal if you don’t care to track.


Settings tips and tricks to make your experience better

Muting categories so you don’t see their new posts in your feed.

You can do the same with specific tags, that can span different categories.

You can change your theme to Dark, and change your default view to Category under the Interface tab.



In your preferences you can set Dark theme and change the default homepage to suit your personal needs. You can also ignore certain categories.

edit: hiney with the suberb post


There is also a Discourse iOS app which allow you to connect to multiple Discourse forum from one app. Download from App Store.


If you are typing some long post and click Submit, Discourse will jump to your post by default. So, you will missed out replies above you. Check the box in your Preference-Interface

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I’m just glad we aren’t using some ancient forum software anymore.


buy a mouse with the infinite scroll wheel.



Awesome tips, thanks!

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Another favorite tip: you can paste images from your clipboard right into the post composer.


This sidebar can act as a scroll bar for longer convos as well as having a button for replying to the main post in a thread and another for watching/tracking the thread.

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To make Discourse more manageable, don’t forget there is a Dismiss button at the Botton of New or Unread. You can skim through the thread titles and mark them as Read.

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