Dislike Button?

Is there any chance of getting a dislike button? I don’t need it to actually do anything, I just need some way to vent other than screaming in chat :stuck_out_tongue: . Looks like a great site though! Hyped to see it grow!

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Thanks @Ninja99! We don’t quite have a dislike button, but if you see something that seems to violate the rules, you can always flag an individual post really easily for moderator review. :slight_smile:

Just go in the comments and write. I dislike this.


I was actually going to comment in site feedback to suggest the removal of the like button.

I don’t really see how it’s beneficial. Some people do prefer the Reddit upvote/downvote system but the whole culture of bashing people through downvotes (or even upvotes) isn’t something I see value in.

The ability to like but not dislike is actually a positive to me, I don’t want to have to show my support by saying 'i like this’ll so I just like it. If I have a differing opinion from the post or comment and disagree then I’ll post and explain the issue.

Criticism should be constructive in my opinion. Anything innapropriate should simply be flagged.


I suppose I would respond with a query: if you feel strongly enough that someone requires your support, is it better to hit a like button than to interact?

Perhaps I’m being overly self-conscious, but I also feel like rating systems can impede candor.

Personally i feel like avoids comments like ‘+1’, ‘nice’, ‘like’ which are generally pretty vacuous and pointless. Expressing a negative opinion people generally feel more obliged to actually justify the decision to comment.

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It’s important to note that the Like system doesn’t just provide an easy way of encouraging good behavior on the site through positive social feedback, but it also helps provide data to the “trust” system built into Discourse. People with higher trust levels are able, for example, to have posts immediately (provisionally) hidden if they flag them. It’s a sort of community-driven way of allocating mini moderation powers. :slight_smile:


I don’t know if this is a feature or a technical problem, but I get notification only for the first like I get on any of my posts. If there are two or three or more, nothing happens.