Displaying Your Keyboards

Aside from the obvious (in a cabinet or on a desk), how do y’all display your keyboards? I’m wondering if there is a ready-made stand for purchase, for example?

My searches have not found anything particularly useful, so assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks folks!

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There are Type Arrays (https://www.typearrays.com/); I have not personally used them. There are some other threads floating around where people have posted how they store/display their boards.

Thank you! The Type Array was one of the things that I was thinking of, but couldn’t remember the name to. I might have to pick one up in the near future for my RF.

I wonder if there is anything similar for Ergodoxes? That would be LIT.

Update: I checked their website and it seems as though all of their products are sold out. Whomp whomp. Hopefully they will restock soon…

I have a laser cutting guy who makes acrylic stands for us Aussies. Let me hook you up:


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Wii u controller stands work really well and are really cheap.


There is a guy that made some laser cut wood ones that look great. I know he did a group buy and that it’s over at the moment, but he’s really receptive and if you want to see them and get in touch, his website is: http://ehum.xyz/product.html

I have his split keyboard one and it’s nice. I think he has one for each size of keyboard also.

Oh cool, I have one of his switch modding stations. He’s also on reddit as u/titaniumsack.

Bad news: it seems as though this seller’s stands are out of stock as well. I suppose I’ll just have to shoot them an email…

I think they were only ever in stock during the GB. Send him a message and ask. He’s always been great to me.

Yeah, I can never remember his username on reddit. He’s on one of my Discord channels.

Got it. Thank you for the heads up.