Post your keyboard display!

This is a selfish request. I’m redoing my office and am trying to think how I want to display my boards. Please enlighten me as to how you’ve achieved it through the medium of photography (and show off a bit at the same time). If someone inspires me enough for me to emulate then. I’ll send you a present.


You’ve already seen mine so I won’t bother - but a vote for floating shelves :wink:


I really need to rig up something fancy, but that takes money, space, and time…


I’m in the same boat. I’ve been using two shelves on my bookcase for display/storage of my boards, but I’m getting to the point that I have so many it’s more storage than display right now. I’d like to build a few shelves that is strictly for my boards I want to display & get some of those type arrays. Although like you said money, space, & time… :weary:

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This is relevant to my interests. Let us see these fancy setups!

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just leave your drawer open all the time… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Super potato image quality, but display case from ikea for all my expensive bits of plastic.


simple shelf for me:

from amazon:


My display is basically the same as my current storage solution; but I want to make my own wall mounted display or glass display in the near future.


It took years for us to find the right shelving that would help us hold our store and organize keyboards in a strong matrix with high density.


We also tried pegboard for organization, but feared that a random East Coast earthquake would cause catastrophic destruction (not so much damage to the model M’s… but more to the hardwood floor below the display).


ooooh mamma.

What is the shelving? Ikea? I’m guessing that most people will want to be able to see their boards though, a bit like the plugboard. Also not too many earthquakes around Mr. Swires

Safco Products 9424GR Wood Adjustable Literature Organizer, 36 Compartment, Gray

Although in retrospect, perhaps we should have gotten the 60 compartment version

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Good old shelf with some TypeArrays:


I’ve IKEA hacked this for storage of everything else over the weekend (switches, caps etc), but still hunting. Liking the typearrays though and @ClickyKeyboards that’s insane! :

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I do love that yours is so acessible in stream haha, love the subtle reach back then subtle waving in front of camera when Brian is talking haha!


I wanted to try this! Someone suggested a pegboard for display but I’m also a bit afraid of earthquakes. So I’m thinking maybe displaying keysets instead?

(I don’t mean to include this in the reply but I didn’t want to double post)

Here’s my current system:

I have a small shelf and then some across the top. I can fit around 2 40% or 1 60% and a 40% or just one bigger keyboard per row (wish it was a bit wider). I wish I had bought two of these units though! Or more shelves, since I think there’s definitely more room to squish a couple more layers of keyboards in. I can’t seem to find this anymore, I’m not sure it’s still being sold. Sad times.


esp when the novatouch, norba touch or aek 64 are mentioned.

@tiny That shelf is awesome! Where did you get it? It looks pretty nice for longer keyboards

I spy a labelmaker and shelves without labels :eyes:

I thought I couldn’t find this online anymore (and was sad because I wanted more shelves), but I searched again and found it!

It’s this Ikea shelf:

And you can get the shelves here:

Looks like I bought 5 originally and can definitely fit a couple more if I reduce the spacing between each shelf.

Haha, and I use the labelmaker mostly for boxes and other stuff :slight_smile: I don’t like to label my furniture heh

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