Does an ordinary (mobile phone charger) usb type c cable is compatible to a type c port on a mech kb?

Hi folks,

I’d like to post a discussion or questions regarding compatibility of an ordinary type c cable which are commonly used in mobile phones to a type c port mech keebs.

What are your thoughts on this?


There’s not reason they shouldn’t unless the cable itself is flawed. Type C spec has the resistors for 2.0 compatibility in the cable so even if the board isn’t 3.0+ it will still be able to work over a C cable. I do recall some boards not being able to work with full C ports on some computers though, so ymmv.

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I’m not sure if we can interchange a type c kb cable to use in a mobile phone to charge or for data cable. I think it depends on the wire or the circuit that used on the cable?

Even if the KB cables is 2.0 it’s still using the Type C 2.0 spec, so it should definitely work for charging and data should most likely work, although it will be slower than normal.

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All type C cables are compatible with all type C ports.

Data rate and charging speed varies from cable to cable, but this is irrelevant for keyboards because they require negligible data rate and power.

Sorry, this just isn’t true. Some USB-C cables only carry power and no data, for example.

I agree with @clee, i think it’s because of the intricacies of its specifications.

I agree also to @tusing about irrelevancy of this specs on kb cable. Based on this point, we can say that, we can use a type c cable to any kb with a type c port but a type c cable designed only for kb is not necessarily be used to charge or transfer data.