Does anyone have experience with MX Switch Break-In Machines?

I got a 3D Printed MX Switch Break-In Machine lately with one “engine”.
At first it worked for some minutes and then just got stuck and turned off.
I switched the engine to another one i bought afterwards and it directly stopped moving after a second every time. The engines are both strong enough.
Maybe anyone here can help me.

I would suggest reaching out to whomever you bought it from for assistance, since they would know more about the problem you’re having. I’m not sure if each of the different folks that sell them use the same engine/motor so that’s why I say they would be able to assist more, since you didn’t specify which one you bought.

For example, mine is from DingKeys, and I know their Discord is full of talk on how to extend the life of life of the motor / breaking it in before actual use.