Does anyone know if there is a name for the "reverse BAE"?

This machine was the first time I owned my own keyboard that wasn’t a typewriter, and I used it throughout highschool and my first 2 years of college. It was a love/hate affair. One thing I remember vividly is how slow the spell check was on it. Still better than only having a typewriter, which is what I relied on before it.

Anyway, I have big-time nostalgia for it. I probably threw mine away over 30 years ago. They were fairly cheap and didn’t offer much performance, so it’s not easy to find one anymore. I don’t even remember what the keyboard felt like, but I’m sure it was linear rubber dome.

I would love to build a modern board with this funky layout. I adore the left column and weird right arrow cluster. Icing on the cake is the upside down BAE. So strange. Does anyone know what you call it? I feel like there had to be other boards out there with the same weird key, but I don’t really see any. Mostly just other models of this word processor.

The keycaps in this photo are a bit yellowed. They were a nice neutral gray with lovely sky blue sublegends. Man… I’d love to make this board and these keycaps.


Deskthority’s wiki calls it a “downwards L shape Enter”. Although I kinda like the name you used for it, reverse BAE TBH.


Now I need to ask SP if they have a mold for it :joy:


They’d be the ones to have it still if anyone does!

that comes down into a 1.25 unit key, you think?

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Yeah it looks like the width on the bottom is 1.25u to me also. Kinda hard to tell from the pic, but since it’s a tiny bit thinner than the delete key it would have to be.

Also this would make a banging JTK or DMK tripleshot set now that I think about it. I’d love a modern take on this set & the Videowriter’s set!

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