Does anyone know the status on the Tokyo 60

Was just wondering if anyone had a status on the Tokyo 60? I missed the drop but am really considering this to be my next keeb when available to the public.

From MD:

Hi everyone,
We’re checking in to let you know the Massdrop x Tokyo Keyboard Tokyo60 Keyboard Kit is making its way through production! Check out the discussion for some photos of the latest production sample: Drop + Tokyo Keyboard Tokyo60 Keyboard Kit Discussions | Mechanical Keyboards | Custom Layout Mechanical Keyboards
We’re on track to meet our estimated ship date of August 16, and we’ll update everyone in early August with the status of the shipment


That statement seems to be about 5 weeks old

@Mr_Space_Ranger - it says in that email that the next update is in early August. Looks like we are still needing to wait a bit longer.

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Thanks for taking care of that. I’d have thought that reading would have revealed that point.

I’ll take blame for not being descriptive enough. I’ve been eyeing the mass drop forum for a while and noticed nothing new other than the August time frame for all who participated in the drop. Was just curious if anyone has heard anything since that post as their Instagram and website have not posted much. Thanks for your information though.

I got the impression that they were aiming for an R2. Not sure about when that might happen, but seeing as R1 hasnt shipped yet, I’d reckon there might be a little wait time.

@tokyocoffeenerd would be the man to ask I guess

We have an update on the status of the Massdrop x Tokyo Keyboard Tokyo60 Keyboard Kit. Unfortunately, there were some problems during PCB production and we’re currently working with the team to determine a new estimated ship date. Yanbo and the Mech Keys team are heading to China this week to work with our suppliers and get everything back on track. More information will be coming in the next few weeks regarding the delay and when we expect the keyboard kits to ship.

This is rather annoying, it was already just an impulse buy at the time and I ended up ordering the boring black version of this board. This also sold in way lower numbers than I expected for the price vs the quality of the board being provided.

I’m kind of wondering whether I should just cancel and buy another 60% for work.

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KPrepublic and KBDFans have their own HHKB varient. However I was interested in this board prior to those two companies producing their take.

Yeah I’ve ordered other ones too, this was kind of an impulse buy because of the price and the potential for different types coming out but not being able to make one to start off with on time doesn’t bode well. Although after looking over it there aren’t really many good integrated plate boards which aren’t super heavy.

I need a light-ish board that I can take to work and back.

I’m part of that drop, too, and i don’t understand people are so surprised that shit can happen, this is nothing new for groupbuys, no matter at which place they happen.
You may say, Massdrop is so big and should do better, but in the end they’re just the middle man and i’ve faith they make it happen in a positive way.

Isn’t this the most logical and understandable point of time, in the beginning/the first run?
I would be worried more if this would be the xxx run of the same mk.
Try to run a gb, depend on third party people, you better pray a lot, no shit happens out of your control.



No kidding. I’m part of the Espectro GB. I don’t want to detail the dark rituals and imprecations to the Elder Gods in this public forum, since they’d lose their potency, but my underwear has lost all band elasticity.

Tough Day ehh!!

Blockquote I’m part of the Espectro GB. I don’t want to detail the dark rituals and imprecations to the Elder Gods in this public forum, since they’d lose their potency

Same here. That thing has been a roller coaster. At least MD has a way to go to China and see what’s going on.

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Another Tokyo60 update from MD: