Does anyone like this new keyboard? Wired Mechanical Keyboard with CNC Aluminum Case-65% (68 Key) Gaming Keyboard

About the keyboard:

Not a bad keyboard by any means, but probably not something Keebtalk would get too excited about.

This looks like a GK68 with a case imitating the Canoe keyboard from a few years back. Plenty of us enjoy GK and similar boards (myself included), but are less interested in imitated designs. They’re something of a grey area between “tolerated” and “disliked”.

The switch orientation (LEDs towards the back) isn’t good for compatibility with keycaps that are popular in the community - and quite a few of us are skiddish about BOX switches after their stems broke some of our keycaps.

I think this keyboard would be very nice for someone who just wants a solid, heavy, compact layout keyboard but is less interested in customizing or modifying it.

About the posts:

One last note here; we love to talk about keyboards here on Keebtalk, and I think plenty of us are happy to talk to vendors and sellers about products, and what we do and don’t like about them as consumers. That said, this is only true when vendors and sellers identify themselves and their intentions clearly.

An honest question from a seller about what is or isn’t attractive about a product (like this post here) is generally welcome, but posing a question from the perspective of a customer (like this other post) will be viewed with suspicion if it comes from someone who appears to be a seller.

I say “we” - I can only speak for myself - I know I’d be happy to talk about products and what might make them attractive (or unattractive) to consumers here, but I’d suggest perhaps starting a single post for discussion about products from a given vendor - Mechdiy, for example - as opposed to individual posts for each product you’d like opinions on. Something like “Mechdiy feedback thread!” would probably be just fine as long as posts weren’t too frequent or “spammy” and as long as intentions are clear.


Informative, detailed, well written. We don’t deserve you king.


I’m very sorry, thank you for your reminder, I will pay attention to this problem, I am also happy to share the keyboard with you, but I am still a novice.

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No worries - doing business with niche hobbies and communities is a learning experience, whether you’re running a one-person store or an organization like Drop.

I think you’ll find Keebtalk a friendly and helpful place as long as questions and such are direct. Thanks for considering the feedback. :slight_smile:

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