Does anyone remember what happened to Varmillo's Electro-Capacitive keyboards?

Varmillo was supposed to release their Electro-Capacitive lineup back in May but the only thing to trickle out are numpads on MassDrop.

I’m neither interested in a numpad nor shopping at MD.

To be honest I’m not sure if they have any plans for them. I still have the fullsized keyboard that they sent Top Clack to review (@Quakemz’s review here).

It’s just an odd keyboard because the only ‘electro capacitive’ part they developed is the leaf contacts. The stem still moves the leaf, but instead of the leaf touching the contact, they just get close enough. Honestly I don’t know if this really needs to exist, but for an OEM keyboard it sounds decent.

I’d be okay with a TKL version though.

It feels like it’s taking the same idea as Aimpad, and with little else to distinguish them from regular MX switches. A bit of a shame, but i’d like to see them succeed anyway.

The Varmilo 68 EC is on MD now.

This blurb particularly bothered me: "this compact Varmilo keyboard is the first ever to combine electrostatic capacitive switches with an aluminum alloy case"

A rebranded NIZ w/ aluminum case has existed for at least two years but hey lets file this one next to Fake MSRP’s for $100, Alex.

I really hate buying from MD, it’s always like a box of chocolates. I have no idea when is going to get any though. :thinking:

This isn’t anything like a NIZ at all - the EC plums are topre clones, not slightly-different-MX switches.

The thing that interests me about these switches besides the smoothness is the idea that these should be chatter proof. Apparently Varmilo hasn’t been able to give a rating because they can’t get them to fail - or at least thats my take away from the MD description.