Dome swapping Realforce R2 RGB?

Has anyone tried swapping the Realforce R2 RGB’s 45g domes with those from the non-RGB Realforce R2’s? From pictures it seems the keys are in the same place from RGB to non-RGB, but wasn’t sure if swapping the dome sheets would be a simple drop in replacement or would require fiddling or cutting and rearranging domes.

Topre’s domes are a standardized size, so in theory you should be able to replace the domes easy enough.

In their older boards, the domes came in sections, but could were essentially perforated so you could separate them into their own 1u domes if need be

I read somewhere else that you’ll need to cut holes for all those LEDs.

I think you’re right. I found someone swapping BKE domes in, and they cut notches for the LEDs.

Yea, i had to cut notches on each of the 55g domes that i put in! definitely super time consuming

I haven’t peered into an RGB board before, but do you have to cut notches to accommodate the LEDs or just to let the light through? If its the latter, i can live with skipping the cutting.

I put BKE domes on my realforce rgb (fuill size) and didn’t cut notches. They turned out fine as long as you keep the LED’s off.

Here’s the PCB and domes of my Realforce RGB.

Here’s a non-RGB Realforce R2 for comparison.


Nice pictures! That makes it clear where the LEDs go.