Double spring tactile switch idea. (Could also be applied to linear and clicky switches.)

So, I’ve been thinking, after poking through the Polia thread and seeing a couple comments about falling off a cliff, which made me start to think. A switch with a clean tactile breakaway and a cushy landing would be interesting and possibly nice.

Notes / Thoughts:

The landing spring would need to be out of contact with with either the stem guide rod, or the bottom of the stem guide rod channel, until the tactile bump is passed and the switch has activated.

Lube or a dampening pad, could be placed at the opposite end of the landing spring, to prevent noise.

A narrow rod could protrude from the stem guide rod, to maintain spring alignment. Alternatively, a narrow stem could protrude from the bottom of the Guide rod channel, that could line up with a hole in the bottom of the stem guide rod.


Isn’t this just the trampoline mod but using a spring?

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Never saw that one before, but after looking at pictures, I cant imagine that the trampoline mod, would provide as soft of, as long of, and or as consistent of a landing as a spring would.

The trampoline mod makes me think of the bottom out dampers on shocks, which are generally hard chunks of rubber, that really only prevent damage to the shock from having metal on metal contact, but do little to actually deaden the blow, to the rider/driver.

Fair point. And on second thought, this extra spring wouldn’t reduce travel, or at least not a lot, which is a plus. Could definitely see this being nice, but also possibly quite hard to produce? Coiling really small springs can be quite hard.

This is interesting. I kept imagining a switch that had a crisp tactile event, maybe a click like a silent clicky, but then bottoms-out softly, almost as if on rubber. Maybe it’s a sign.

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This is like the opposite of a preload, it’s like a postload spring lol.

This is perhaps interesting, but also another spring I don’t want to lube.

I feel like this is most useful in lighter spring switches where the bottom out force isn’t as high and it’s easier to ram through it to the bottom compared to a heavier spring which has more of a natural cushion feel with its high bottom out weight.

why not a sliver of foam :thinking:

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This is a really interesting idea and, and I like it. I’ve been thinking about something sort of along these lines, but instead of a spring I was imagining a small soft silicone sphere or something. :snake: It hadn’t even occurred to me to try a spring - I think there are a lot more possibilities to tune the exact feeling that way.

I bet there are springs out there already that are just about the right size to fit in that channel and interface with those stems that have a sort of stepped bottom to the rod.

All that said - I also think a similar feeling might be possible with a combination of progressive / complex curve springs and silicone dampeners on the stem. Not too long ago I found a frankenswitch combination mixing progressive springs with U4 stems that gives a nice clean break leading into a soft, cushy bottom-out. It might not feel like this mod would, but I’d at least use similar words to describe the feel.

Edit: @HungerMechanic I’ve been doing lots of experimenting along the theme of dampened clicky / crisp tactile with a soft landing lately; you might try something like this frankenswitch that mixes BOX Royal and Silent BOX Brown components.

The main idea, is to provide a sensation for free fall, with a gradual reapplication of spring force.

In Destiny 2, there is a Strike called Prison of Elders (The free fall happens at 9:31, in the linked video), where you free fall down a shaft, then are gradually slowed to a resting point, right before reaching the landing pad.

@Manofinterests Yep, this would be intended for switches with lighter spring weights.


After watching all the LPL my mind though of the springs inside locks might be the size u want for this. So not to hard to find /expensive.


Please no, please no, I’ve watched too many of those videos. I don’t need them back in my feed. :laughing: :rofl: :laughing: :rofl:

But in all seriousness, your probably right.


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That’s the trampoline mod

Double the spring, double the crunch.

I know this will sound sarcastic, so I want to preface it by clarifying that I mean it genuinely and out of good will.

What if the spring was a little rubber dome? At what point do we just put Topre style domes inside a MX switch housing? Then we also get rid of spring ping.

The raincoat mod is similar to what you are describing and is actually pretty well thought of. Domes work well to compliment springs.

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Interesting stuff!

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