Double-strikking keys

I have a Whitefox with Hako Clears; and recently I switched the keycaps to /dev/tty. Since then I’ve been plagued with more double-strikes and a few overly-sensitive keys, mostly affecting K and G which turn up too often (the title of this post isn’t deliberate, it really did double-strike so I left it in!).

What would be a good way to address this? I guess I could get some new switches and replace the ones that are causing me trouble, but I don’t recall this being such a big problem before I switched the keycaps, so I feel if it’s something I’ve caused it might be something I can fix … ?

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Did you notice any chatter (double, triple, quadruple, etc. keys strokes sent on one press) in those keys before changing caps? My guess is that the heavier /dev/tty caps are just accentuating the issue & you’ll need to replace those switches. Although before you desolder anything I would experiment with as many different caps as you can just to be 100% sure it’s chattering switches.

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Ooh, desoldering, I hadn’t thought about that - this was my first kbd, bought pre-assembled … my others have all been swappable switches. I’m not sure I have the eyesight for soldering these days, so I’ll perhaps pop the original keycaps back on and see what that does to the typing experience …


If you do find it’s the switches and aren’t comfortable with the soldering bit yourself, I’d be happy to do the repairs if you don’t mind to cover shipping and be without the keeb for a few days. Always happy to have an excuse to pull out the FR-301 de-soldering gun. :stuck_out_tongue: brrrrr


I’ve switched back to the original much smaller keycaps, and although a couple of the biggest culprits still occasionally double strike, I haven’t experienced anything like as much annoyance as I did before.
So I guess @Rob27shred was getting it right suggesting that the heavier keycaps were actually making a negative difference.