Work in progress - building my first Gherkin board. My first soldering job - not great had some crappy soldering iron. But so far so good. Now I’m just waiting for some switches.

Has anyone tried the Gherkin? Do you have a qmk layout to share?


I came from a Planck and tried a Gherkin. The best it worked for me was a two key space bar where I’d sort of roll my thumb across B&N with the first being a layer and the second would be space on that layer. I ended up going back to my 4x12 boards. I didn’t even have it long enough to put anything in the QMK repository but I did translate the designer Dioib’s TMK layout into a KLE.

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Thank you. I’ll try creating a layout. Now I got the Gherkin finished and working. Thanks for your input.

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