Drop is selling stuff on Amazon

Not sure if this is old news or not but just noticed Drop appears to have set up a storefront. Looks like a small sample of keyboard stuff like Red Samurai sets and Halo switches.

Depending on how you feel about Amazon as a company this may not be for you but figured it was interesting.



Two wrongs make… still a wrong.


Seems like an odd move. Interesting, but odd.

Wonder if this is a strategic move for them to divvy up their presence to have Drop be the place where GB’s happen and Amazon where in stock items sell.

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That would make sense, as the Drop site is probably fairly confusing for anyone who doesn’t know about GBs & how they work.

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I don’t know, I feel like Drop has always been easy to understand; I remember stumbling across it a few years ago before getting into keyboards and basically getting the gist of what happens during a GB right away(while simultaneously being disappointed I couldn’t pick up what I was looking for instantly :p) .

Anyways, thought it was interesting too and worth sharing. They already have the infrastructure set up to sell directly to people; unless they’re just trying to reach more mainstream customers it seems strange for them to use a third-party owned storefront to sell stuff and have yet another party to split the profits with(assuming they’re there like other sellers)


The big thing is that millions more use Amazon than Drop. It’s much more likely that people will stumble upon their products and trust the purchase there than finding the Drop website.

I don’t think the demographic is right though. The most sold things on Amazon are always the cheapest and that doesn’t quite overlap with spending hundreds on keycaps.

This leads me to believe it’s about exposure and advertisement, not necessarily moving products through Amazon itself.

Pretty great for those of us with Amazon credit cards either way

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This seems to be an amazing way to force them to not use bad shipping and instead have items get to us in 2 days (for prime applicable items)


Not only that: also offering shipping to outside the US with fair costs, as the items are shipped by Amazon itself.


Neet, now if they would only get GMK WoB, back in stock. lol