DSA Groove production samples

Super excited this project is moving forwards! More news coming after the samples ship to us from China. The caps are reverse dye-subbed PBT.

Alphas and mods:

Novelties and arrows:

More mods and nav/numpad:

All kits together:



Niceeeee. Do you have any higher-res versions of the pics?

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Looking so good.

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Unfortunately that’s how they were sent to us, JPG from a phone camera. These photos are edited for color accuracy and highlights, and are exported as PNG.

It seems that reverse dye sub is getting really good. These look great!


YESSSSSS! I’ve been waiting for this!

Looks awesome 8) Any idea on approximate group-buy date?

Very exciting!

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Once the protos ship to us, we’ll make any final adjustments and then launch the GB!

Damn. Still no DSA ISO?

Quality looks pretty good though. Wish there was a full black version.

Daamn, I saw the first photo earlier but missed the others. Those novelties are looking pretty good!

Lookin’ amazing, Pyro. Very excited to see it in the wild.

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ISO is in there! Take a closer look :slight_smile:

It’s a DCS cap :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh man, I love it! Group buy gonna launch on Keebtalk?

The group buy will be on kono.store

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Keyreative without homing keys?

I hope to have homing keys, the manufacturer isn’t Keyreative, it’s the people who did White/NightFox keycaps. They know how to do reverse dye-subbing REALLY well :slight_smile:

Wow, they look very good. Colors really pop on that black.

Do you have any more updated sample pics?

One of the pics on the group-buy page shows the base color to be somewhat gray-ish: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1994/3097/products/IMG20180717223912282_grande.jpg?v=1531839354

Just curious how dark the black is in reality. Thanks!