DSA Groove

DSA Groove, the first set by co-designers PyroL and Syntactic Sugar Glider, is inspired by the lively history of 1960s music and pop art. This keyset’s bright colors, sharp contrast, and novel flair recall the artistic trends of that period, remaining iconic even today. The combination of material design with a retro theme pays subtle homage to the revolutionary time of the 60s. This decade pioneered some amazing cultural and industrial innovations, while keeping in touch with a defined sense of style.


This keyset comes ready for use on any keyboard up to 104-key fullsize with an ANSI layout and 6.25u or 7u spacebar. Extension kits provide compatibility with the TrueFox standard and ISO layouts (including short left shift), and a novelty pack of groovy 60s musically-themed icons is available.

Base kit + TrueFox + ISO:

Ortho Kit:

Novelty pack:

Alt color novelty pack:


Are there doubleshot ABS?

Reverse dye-sub PBT

Add a poll so I can vote yes!

Go add your name to the mailing list!:smiley:

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Love the design. If I wasn’t so hyper-dedicated to green I’d be all over it. Speaking of which, I would do terrible things for a full alpha set in that green on black style :stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless, I think I might try to acquire those green novelties aftermarket :smiley: Very cool

Haha I know how much you love your greens. You could just buy the novelties and sell off the other ones?

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Ah sweet, didn’t notice there were seperate kits. Yeah I will probably grab em!

Any chance on a 40% kit?

There is a chance. Short keys aren’t that hard to throw in.

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