DSA Historic | SP Doubleshot DSA | $75 40's Focused Base Kit

Group buy is live!! Head over to Aeternus by clicking here to score a set!

DSA Historic is a 40s first doubleshot DSA (uniform) ABS set from SP inspired by the Vegas Golden Knights primary jersey, using text mods and solo numerical/mod legends as seen on DSA Quartz.

This set will be using stock Signature Plastics colors:
Slate Grey-Blue (GSM) alphas
Black (NN) modifiers
Golden (YCB) legends
Red (RA) accents

Allow me to elaborate on the inspiration to this set. Being born and raised in Las Vegas, there was very little to identify ourselves with when I was a kid. We were constantly poked at for not having culture, only as a city that was meant to entertain everybody else. This silly little misfit of a team brought so much to a city full of misfit locals and was able to finally give us all in this town something of OUR OWN to cheer for and identify ourselves with. Nobody thought hockey would work in the desert, everybody doubted it just as they had doubted Las Vegas locals throughout my whole life. Boy did we show them. They have been nothing but wonderful regarding community events, and were a gigantic factor during the healing process for this city after the shooting in 2017. This team made the biggest impact I have ever seen in my local community, and I would love nothing more than to simply share my love for these colors with you all.

This set was kitted for cost effectiveness for small board users, prioritizing physical compatibility for many popular small boards from Preonic to Minivan to Prime e. There will also be a child kit that includes keys that will help support larger modded smaller boards, as well as physical compatibility for 60-65% keyboards. The goal is to support the keyboards I found myself using daily made by the wonderful people of the 40% community.

Alpha legends may not be completely accurate in these kitting pictures or renders, refer to this image to get a better idea of what the set will be using.

MB44 by Melonbreb

Rama m65a by Llama

Ribbon by Misono

DSA Historic will be running thanks to the wonderful Knoblesseoblige over at Store.Aeternus.co!
Group buy will be held June 1st - July 2nd

Everyone in the 40% community! You’re a wonderful community full of makers and creators that continue to keep my interest in this hobby alive. Consider joining the 40% discord and joining the IC channel for this set!
Knoblesseoblige for dealing with my endless concerns and being super supportive of this project.
Misono for all the renders! Seriously wonderful job and was willing to make every single little adjustment I requested.
Dong for being the best group of friends I stumbled upon in this hobby.
Everyone who gave input to this project. Every single IC form filled out, words of support, etc, thank you so much.


Looks like DSA yolch more or less :upside_down_face: would probably consider it if I liked DSA more

I’m looking forward to it.

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Sorry guys I totally flubbed updating ya’ll here. This is in Group Buy now until July 2nd, over at Aeternus. Signature Plastics quoted us with a 3 month lead time, so these should hopefully be in your hands in Q4 of this year!

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