DSA Magic Girl on thekey.company

DSA Magic Girl group buy is running on thekey.company now:

A really unique kit at good prices. The only downside is the manufacturer: Keyreative. But still, this is one of the most unique sets in quite some time.

Also thought this new animation was slick:

I really like the redesign of their website. Looks cleaner and much easier to use/find info


I kinda think this is going to be the next Milkshake

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I’ve seen some photos of milkshake that look great and some where they’re all crooked. Does anyone have a set that can chime in on the quality of keyreative?

The redesign of their website was done by the designer of DSA Magic Girl and it turned out really well! Love this whole set, even if the profile isn’t my jam.


Of 500 Drifter orders I had 0 complaints about legends. Plus, TKC now has a man on the ground in China to oversee quality control. Rest assured the set will be top notch.


Thanks for the reply. Good to know you have an in with the manufacturer. Again, great work on the website redesign.

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I appreciate the shout out. Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing here! Yeah, seconding that quality is of upmost importance to me too. One of the reasons I partnered with TKC for the group buy.

Thanks! We have more coming, thats just the start!


I recently built a planck with DSA milkshake and once they are on the switch i noticed with a little pressure you can change the angle at which the cap sits on the stem. I noticed a lot of caps were crooked at first but I was able to straighten them out. I guess with time maybe they can get crooked again?

Ordered a set for my gf! They love Sailor Moon and Madoka Magica, so getting this set was an absolute no-brainer.

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