Duck Raven/Sidewinder available Sept 4

Starting Sept. 4 Duck Raven/Sidewinder will be available for order. Ships Sept. 10 .


Are there any details on the alps plate? Will it have all alps stabilizer cutouts or is there an option for Cherry or costar stabilizers? (SP alps keycaps or Tai Hoa space bar with costar stabilizers)

Also, It appears that the Raven is a tray mount, but how is the Sidewinder mounted?

both Raven and Sidewinder are tray mount. I haven’t had a chance to unpack everything but it is my understanding that the stainless steel alps plate only support alps stabs. There is no option to have alps switches and charry or costar stabs. Those that prefer MX switches can go plateless, aluminum or, in the future, polycarb. I’ll be getting polycarb plates in the next few weeks.

For the Sidewinder - is the spacebar 6u or 7u?

Also, any chance the pcb supports some form of hotswap compatibility? If not, would any other pcbs fit in the case?

Sidewinder is 7u only. I really dont know about hot swap or holtites. I don’t think these keyboards have universally standard mount points. But I’ve never owned a 60% in my life so I don’t know just by looking at them. I’ll check into it for you though.

I should clarify about spacebar. The Sidewinder PCB looks to support both 6.25 and 7u spacebars. But the MX and alps plates only support 7u. So if you went with no plate you could do both.

I wonder if I can put my 1up60HSE pcb in it? Ive never bought a Duck so not sure if its compatible with other pcbs/plates.

I’m not super familiar with the “universal” 60% mount locations as I’ve never owned or built one. But from what I can tell by looking at the plates and PCBs, not all the mount point are in the right locations. Some holes seem to be right, such as the two most left and 3 most right holes. But the center and bottom holes are different.

Does PCB support both Alps and Cherry?
For Alps, AEK support?

I want to get Sidewinder to put on Alps switches and use AEK keycaps…

It does support Alps and cherry. Are AEK caps a different size than the rest ?

AEK’s bottom row is 1.5 1 7 1 1.5 instead of 1 1.5 7 1.5 1 which is typical.
It will require slightly different plate cutout and PCB support.

I see. The pictures on my site show the supported layouts.

Any word on how long GB will be open? Is there limited quantity?

@dub It’s not a group buy. The kits are in stock and ready to ship. As for quantity it’s only limited by how many I have. Started out with 14 of each design and color. Sidewinder seems to be the most popular. I think Sidewinder Alps plates are gone for now until I get more.

Really like the sidewinder. Seeing that I have like 12 60% boards, it would be hard to justify. Maybe I could sell of some of my redundant boards though.

@holtenc thanks for the reply! Hope there’s some around at the end of the month. I just bought modern dolch, otherwise I would be all over this

The good thing is that if I sell out I can get more if there is sufficient demand.

Really interested in picking one up… do you plan on offering alps plates in other materials? Would be interested in brass or PC

Alps is only available in stainless steel. MX is available in aluminum, PC or no plate. Though at this time I do not have PC in stock but they are coming. Unfortunately I’m not entirely sure when as they havent been made yet.