Ducky One 3

Looks like Ducky is giving the One yet another serious upgrade - I think I like where this is going. At minimum, it’s a lot more thoughtful than the One 2 or original One, and I think all the new features will give the line a broader appeal in current year.

It’s hot-swap now, has all kinds of dampening, some kind of funky mounting business - it looks like it has real potential. Also, yes - the way the switch pins are rendered is funny, enough they had to put text on screen to clarify.

Anyway - I think it’s cool to see a manufacturer like Ducky go for this kind of construction, and I also think it represents a nice link between boutique group-and-extras-buys type boards and extra-cheap-o stuff. Just a nice board with good features you don’t have to look hard for, compete for, or use a translator to buy.

What do you folks think?


I think it would be a good recommendation for ppl not willing to go custom.


I think it’s great that Ducky’s doing this - although I wonder if the PCB is only hardware-programmable like the previous iterations. Hotswap’s a nice touch and if the One 3 follows the same PCB dimensions as the One 2, that’ll mean a GH60-compatible PCB which opens up a whole host of aftermarket cases

While I don’t think most of the folk on KeebTalk are the target audience, I could foresee a good number of their customers enjoying the new features

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Anything that’s hotswap and not bottom of the barrel is a plus for the community in my book. That means more people trying out and buying more switches and finding what they like. Also easier to mess with stabilizers and get a good sounding board.


Budget king potential for sure.

The yellow one is too cool and I’m digging the homage to the FC600C layout.

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Might sell like crazy if it follows in its predecessor’s tradition.

Looks like Ducky has finally been taking user advice to heart. They surveyed people as early as 2018, and the answer for what people wanted on Ducky keyboards was #1 hotswap and #2 other advanced custom features.

It could make a great switch tester for entry-level, but in the big picture, it would be great if Ducky continues to enhance the quality of its factory offerings, taking a page from the custom market. The other manufacturers need to as well.

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That’s the most important feature of this keyboard: True PBT doubleshot.

I would have liked to see them go with QMK on this, but I doubt that would really impact sales if you look at a lot of the other budget boards.

Ducky has had this for a while; theirs are basically the best OEM profile caps you can buy IMO - they’re just pretty limited in terms of compatibility.

Ducky’s PBT is some kind of blend, I believe - it has a softer, more smooth feel than typical PBT caps. Still seems to resist shining quite well - only my spacebar has a hint of a shine spot after a few years of using them.

They used to be doubleshot but with POM or ABS depending on whether or not the keycaps were translucent.

These are an example of the ones I mean:

I’m guessing these will be the same type of keycap that will come with the One 3.

They are doubleshot but with ABS under a PBT layer