Dumb thing I just realized

Today, after work, I decided to clean up my keyboard, and also put on two of the novelty caps I ordered with my dev:tty set. When I originally put the board together, I was kind of in a hurry, and didn’t waste any time going through the bags of extras I had. Then, because I’m lazy and it looked fine to me, I left it as is.

Today, my son pointed out that my escape key wasn’t the correct row profile. And, holy shit, he was right! This board has been to two meetups now, most recently KeyCon, and none of you eagle-eyed perfectionists told me. My son noted, “they probably figured you had a good reason for doing it that way”.

I did not.

Anyway, I fixed it. Here’s a new photo.

I kind of feel like I’ve just come back from church and realized my fly was open.

Anyway, that’s my dumbass story of the day.


Shit happens and not that obvious in a rush.

I would need to search my pictures, but i had been able twice to take pictures for my german community, mk with new keycaps DSA profile, one keycap upside down.

Putting it together, take the picture, open up in Photoshop before uploading, three chances to see the obvious.
Sometimes we’re blind and it had been good for some kind of joke.

we call it slash dev slash tee tee eye over here.


Well, I’m really in trouble then, because I call it dev titty most of the time.

I probably shouldn’t be allowed to go out in public.


Was it S, N, X, Z, O, or I? Some sets I and O are identical, S and Z are usually pretty easy to spot, so my money is on N or X.

It’s quite surprising that I’ve seen people put the `~ key upside down the most. Especially on caps with simplified legends (DSA, SA etc.)

I feel so bad for you, and I hope you’ll find strength to get out of this ordeal. My prayers are with you. I also had wrong profile key once.

LOL. I initially put the “O” key upside down. I could not figure out why it didn’t match. I even sent in a support ticket to MassDrop. Then I figured it out. It did look exactly like row 4 and I did send in a “I’m so fucking stupid” message before the poor soul doing QA at MD could send me a coupon.

I really did think I got a COLVRAK “O” by mistake.

Yeah. Not a high point for me.

Was it SA? Because SA Rows 4 is just SA Row 2 upside down. If so, you uh… you weren’t totally wrong I guess. lol

No, this is MT3 profile. Every row is different and planned to be the way a curved backplate would have made SA, but with deeper spherical scoops

It is the modern version of the best thing you’ve ever typed on. I am old and cranky. This is the real deal. I do not kid.

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Ah. It’s on my list to try but the first run didn’t look that appealing to me (and all the legend alignment issues made me glad I skipped. I’ll probably pick it up sometime in the future to try though.

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Well, now I’m intrigued.

You mean beamsprings?