Durock springs

I think I’m going to need to re-spring my RARA V2 with Durock 63.5 G springs.

The reason is, I prefer the softer Durock 63.5 G as opposed to the ThiccThock 63.5. The ThiccThock sounds great, but it’s a longer spring that is heavier.

So the two questions are:

  1. Does anyone know where to buy Durock factory springs?


  1. This is more of an ancillary question, but RARA V2 stem is Durock Medium Tactile, right? So it should function the same way as DMT and derivatives such as Mode Signal?

Re: springs—PrimeKB has them in stock

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Divinikey also sells them.

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Thanks! This is very helpful.

A Durock Medium Tactile with Long Springs (22mm) sounds like the optimal combination, I just would get a ~15g lighter spring so they feel more in line while improving the tactility.

I’ve read on this forum that a 60 G TX [Long] will work with Durock Medium Tactile. Someone replaced the springs Penguins or Taro Balls with 60 G Long and it worked fine.

For super-long springs like 22mm, I guess something like 50 G 22mm would work with RARA V2? DMT needs at least 63.5 G small springs to function properly.