Dynamat on back of PCB

I think dynamat stuck to the back of the PCB helped improve the sound of this keyboard.

Unfortunately I didn’t do a before and after. I’ll try to get that done on a different keyboard some time.

This is a GK64 with lubed and filmed T1s and the thin cheap plastic case

I also heated up the dynamat with a heat gun and pressed it to the PCB which made it adhere really well, it’s not coming off very easily. It’s actually hard to remove, I’ll have to heat it up again if I want to peel it off and it leaves a little residue.

Anybody else try this? Your thoughts?

I also stuck some wheel balancing weights to the bottom of theb plastic case to make it heavier.


I’m excited to see your next video, “Spreading Peanut Butter underneath Stab Contact Points”.

I jest, I jest. But the idea of putting damping directly on the PCB as well as the case/plate is quite interesting. Dynamat + MKUltra case/plate foams could be a very interesting combination.