DZ60 Arrow Key Layout

I’m looking at the DZ60 PCB and Plate, but I was wondering if the below layout would work with Plate B of the DZ60

DZ60 plate =

As you can see I’m wanting to go with a 60% layout with arrow keys. On the product page for the DZ60RGB V2 PCB (link above) there’s an arrow key layout that says it needs Plate B, however when going to the Plate B page it doesn’t look like it’ll be compatible.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks

Welcome! I think Plate B has so much compatibility with different layouts that I can absolutely see how it’d be confusing. That said, I think the compatibility that you’re looking for with the DZ60RGB V2 is there (pardon my early morning iPad screenshot markup):

Plate B is also linked on the PCB product page, so I think you’re covered. Hopefully this helps!

Ah, it didn’t occur to me that the green and purple would be able to combine, but of course they can!
Awesome, thankyou