DZTech mt980 with Holy Bsun Browns keyboard typing test


Typing test:

Bought this keyboard on Taobao:

Built it with Bsun Brown housings and Halo stems, lubed with 205g0

Keycaps are MDA Big Bone.

Build video available here for now, will post to Youtube once it uploads:


Added more dampening:


How is this board? How much was your kit, was it okay to program, and how’s the quality of it? Also, how are those Holy Bsuns?


I like it. There was a minor issue where I had to trim some of the acrylic layer where the USB plug opening was. Other than that, I would say it’s a bargain.

The ano so far looks flawless, it’s heavy (7 lbs 1.24 oz built), I like how it sounds, and it’s pretty cheap. It’s about $160 on Taobao with the brass plate and weight upgrades.

I used Superbuy, which is where it got a little pricey. I opted for the more expensive, faster EMS shipping and got it within a week of Superbuy receiving it. I could have saved on a cheaper shipping option.

As for the Holy Bsuns, I like them a lot. They offer a milder tactility that is similar to Holy Pandas but not as intense. For that reason you can also run much lighter springs in them. It’s kind of nice for a change. The shape of the leaf is almost identical to the Panda leaf so the tactility feels very similar, just toned down. The sound of the switches is also similar to Holy Pandas.

Programming was pretty easy. You ask the seller to give you the .json file, then you plug it into this website:

That will either build the hex for you, or else let you download the entire QMK source code for this keyboard. Apparently this is how they like to do it in China for custom keyboards. The .json file contains all the info QMK needs to build the firmware for this keyboard.

Once you download or build the .hex you can use QMK toolbox or the DFU command from QMK built itself to flash the .hex like most QMK boards.

I think you get a lot of bang for your buck from this keyboard! Big, heavy, brass options, good finish, runs QMK out of the box, USB C connector, underglow. It kinda checks the boxes for me for an 1800.


Yeah that is one hell of a deal for what you get! I’ve been wanting to try out a 1800 board for quite awhile now & have been leaning towards getting a Leopold 980M then switch swapping it. Although this seems like a much better route than that. It’s a kit so no need to de-solder a brand new board, it has a alum. case with good ano., & a brass plate & weight! I think even with the bump in cost by using superbuy this board still is a huge upgrade from a 980M for only a minor increase in price. I’m gonna have to look into grabbing one of these kits once my wallet recovers from my most recent purchases. Thanks for the heads up on it! :metal:


Build stream on Youtube: