Electronics Plus needs Help

Hello friends,

Electronics Plus aka Elecshopper has been selling vintage boards and switches to our community for nearly a decade. From unique IBM boards, to awesome alps boards and intriguing Space Invader Switch Boards, they’ve helped out thousands of community members by helping clean older vintage boards for our use. They are also known for occasionally stocking vintage mx black switches that they have carefully harvested for us.

Today they need our help. For those of you who know, Texas has been going through some tough weather and Electronics Plus is located in Texas. Recently due to the weather, their store has been flooded. Already it has been a tough time for them due to other issues, but now their issues worsen due to the flooding of their building.

Electronics Plus is looking to raise some funds that will be used to clear out the warehouse, dispose of what needs to be disposed, as well as some related business and personal expenses that have occurred due to the storm.

On their gofundme, they are asking for $1000.

If you’ve ever had a positive experience or any experience with Electronics Plus from either their website or from ebay, they’re looking for help. Electronics Plus has been such a great community vendor for vintage enthusiasts and I wish them all the best. I hope we can support them in some way no matter how minor.

Gofundme - Electronics Plus


Dude, good looking out. Done and done. Best of luck to the Elecshopper crew.


Gave a bit. I expect insurance will cover the damage but I also expect insurance payments will be backed up for a long time in Texas.



can’t let a staple of the original community go under.


Update from Xmit: Electronics Plus - Please Donate! - Warehouse Liquidation (2021 Edition) - deskthority

Warehouse Cleanout video from Xmit:


Thanks for the heads up Huey! I’ve bought a bunch stuff through Elecshopper through the years & have had nothing but great experiences with them. Donated a bit to help them out & was glad to see they smashed their original goal already!