Elite-C - USB-C Pro Micro Replacement

also availble at keebio



I was just looking at this and was going to post it when but you beat me to it hehe. I’m definitely considering picking up one of these. The USB-C is really nice, but at the price point, I can get just about 3 normal pro micros :thinking:


But USB-C! I’m debating whether to build an Iris with these or wait for version 3 with it built in.

3 normal Pro Micros clones, because the original one from SparkFun is about the same price.

True; but I’ve never had any issues with the clones :smiley:

Me neither but my son just broke one.Fortunately it is socketed…

And Yes the price is not exactly cheap compared to Chinese pro micro clones, but ATM I think it is fair. It has a few more pins so for a non-split board I would consider it.

Speaking of socketing pro micros
just found this:
amazing and cheap!

That’s exactly what I was going to say. This is great and all, but for the price of 3 pro micro clones shipped, it’s just not worth it at this point for me.

So far in all my projects, I’ve only had one pro micro usb port come off and of course that’s the one that wasn’t socketed. So for now, I’ll stick with socketed pro micros. And if it is socketed and the cost of the USB-C versions go down, it should be a drop in replacement. Maybe with slightly different firmware.