Ember keycaps in MG profile

I’ve been following this on Geekhack and they’re now live on Drop. I think the Dawn colourway will go well with my gold coloured keyboard. I don’t really know what to expect since the MG profile seems new.


Honestly when they announced the run and colorway, I legitimately thought it was themed on Ember Prime from Warframe . If I wasn’t so deep in the hole with all the sets I am waiting for I would definitely order this one.

It definitely has the same colourway! To be honest, I wasn’t really sold on the movie backstory they came up with (having never seen the movie), but in the end it doesn’t really matter what it was inspired by because I like the way it looks. I just hope the final product looks the same as the renders.

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Reviving this to see if anyone here has experience with MG. This set is up for pre-order again on Kono and I’m considering picking it up since I’ve been enjoying MT3 so much, and I have a white-and-brass build on the horizon.

I’ve seen plenty of typing tests and such, but haven’t really seen many people share their thoughts.

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My experience with Melgeek MG Dusk was brief, but it felt taller than SA (Maxkeys) profile. I’ll have to look for my old photographs for cap quality/print quality. The scoops weren’t bothersome so much as the height. Is there a measurement chart/comparison of both profiles?

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