EMT V2 Switch Review

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Without much other information out there about them, I could help but be intrigued by the new EMT V2 switches since I use EMT V1s in my daily work board. However, upon immediate inspection these new switches not only look nothing like the originals, but weren’t even made by the same manufacturer. So take a look here to see if the newest iteration of EMT switches live up to the reputation of that one anime princess Emilia from Re:Zero, or something. (I have no idea, I just know that’s what the name is based on…)

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As always, thank you all for the continued support and readership of these reviews. In especially more busy weeks with a much more challenging schedule to navigate around for writing time, its the support I get from you all that makes it a bit easier. :heart:

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Hi, I happen to read your reviews once in a while and browse the repo switch list occasionally and I have a question about a review parameter, mainly for the linear switches.

I noticed you don’t take off-center press into account when discussing smoothness, is there a particular reason for that?

I personally find it to be no less important to the typing experience than actual smothness, as I find most linear switches somewhat similar (especially when lubed) but off-center can very differ and make typing jarring.


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How neat! That diffuser reminds me of really old bike reflectors and tail light covers.

They do indeed resemble a bunch of Haimu switches; perhaps most so the Moondrop Lunalights, right down to the almost porcelain surface quality with mild subsurface light scattering. Those Moondrop switches are also a collab with G•SQUARE, so it’s not too surprising to see them made by the same manufacturer. Spring aside, I’d be willing to bet these sound and feel very similar to the Lunalights - but of course those don’t feature that neat diffuser, instead having a pretty traditional slot for through-hole lighting.

They also look just like a pair of switches I saw in IC a while back that also featured theming from RE:Zero - the Rem and Ram switches (also a G•SQUARE thing). Poking around, I see there’s still a preorder page up for those (closed, though), and they look to be silent switches at this point - I’m guessing those would feature the same flexible-leg dampeners that other Haimu-made silents like the Heartbeats and Syloong Glaciers do.

It’s neat watching switches proliferate through the community when a new, good manufacturer comes onto the scene. The first switch I ever saw from them was at least a year or two before I ever heard their name, and it took me until this year to find out they’re the ones who made it. Any time someone would ask about the manufacturer they’d get a proxy name, DBA, or something else like “we made it!” - but as far as I know, Haimu are the only ones right now messing around with the pliant leg dampeners, holes in the bottom, and using that exact shape of dust shroud. So - while I only saw the name “Haimu” for the first time on Switch Oddities a few months ago, it was about a year before that I reviewed a switch they appear to have manufactured.