Endgames.io - The Ultimate App for Keyboard Enthusiasts!

Hello Keebtalk!

Endgames.io is more than a year old now!!

A year ago, I made the original post and was impressed with how this community received this app.

Endgames.io is an app that allows enthusiasts to track their collections of keyboards, keycap sets, artisans, and desk mats. My hope is that this app grows along with this community and can be used as a tool to keep this hobby thriving.

Over the year, the platform has changed a lot, here are some new features:

  1. A page dedicated to keyboard builds: Endgames | Builds
  2. A page dedicated to sound tests: Endgames | Sound tests
  3. A page dedicated to sales reported to Endgames: Endgames | Reported Sales
  4. Improvements to filtering
  5. More metrics in the collection Analysis tab

Important Links

  1. Frequently Asked Questions: Endgames | Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Learn more about Endgames: About Endgames
  3. Getting Started: How to Get Started

Join the Community

Don’t hesitate to join our Discord server! It’s the perfect place to chat, share feedback, report bugs, or simply say hi: Join the Discord

I sincerely hope Endgames becomes an indispensable companion for every keyboard enthusiast. Your support means the world to me, and together, we can make Endgames an integral part of our shared passion.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!

Tired of the Reddit interface? Us too, check out our latest feature:

Marketplace gives our users a better interface to browse posts from r/mm. This powerful feature allows our users to search for missing items to add to their collections.

You can also:

  1. Search for keywords
  2. Filter by location, author, type (selling or buying)
  3. Quickly create a Private Message
  4. Quickly view the listing
  5. Listings you click are tracked in your profile: https://www.endgames.io/user/profile?view=marketplace
  6. Sort By Comments