Enter The Pandaverse

The Pandaverse

Spider-Man, entering the Pandaverse

So, ThereminGoat decided to update/rewrite what is (to my knowledge) the most holistic body of information about Panda switches that exists in the English-speaking corners of the internet. Fantastic resource for understanding the provenance/history of various “panda” switches and the drama(s) surrounding them.

I know this is a huge source of confusion for a lot of folks, so hopefully this should be helpful in terms of providing this information in a way that doesn’t require digging through eight trillion threads on various forums and discords.


This is so GREAT! Finally, the director’s cut version. Very interesting reading. Thanks for sharing.

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Yeah, in particular there’s some good information in there that I don’t think has really been provided before, courtesy of a bunch of the folks originally involved in the making of the Invyr Panda talking directly with TG and providing collateral to back it up.


Theremin does do great work, so glad we got him in the community!


Great write up! now the question is, which ones are the best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tealios :wink:

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