ePBT Kuro/Shiro R3: Warped 2u caps?

Hey friends,

I’d like to quickly share an e-mail conversation:


Thank you for your patience with ePBT Kuro Shiro.

There have been delays with this product as we have only recently received
the shipment, and have been made aware that there are faults with the kitting.

We are negotiating with the manufacturer about the replacement keys. This will
take a little time.

We would like to present two solutions:

  1. Ship without the replacement parts, with shipping costs to be arranged
    once the replacement parts arrive (incurs a double shipping cost)
  2. Hold off on sending your order until the replacement parts arrive
    (longer to fulfil)

Please reply to this email and we will get the ball rolling with either

Kind regards,
DC Support

To which I responded:

Dear DailyClack team,

Thank you for the status update. A slight explanation on the
faults would have helped with deciding this. Do the faults affect
e.g. 60% or 75% users?

If they won’t, please go ahead with option 1.

Thank you very much,

To which DC promptly replied:

Hi Marius,

We have been advised that the 2u caps are warped.

Kind Regards,
DC Support

My question is: Is anyone seeing/noticing any warping with the 2u caps? I’m trying to understand the impact of this. I understood that this could be fixed with a little steam, yet I’m wondering how come DailyClack orders are on-hold while Kbdfans (and others) seem to sell the set as in-stock now? Could this be specific to the DC batch or won’t the others just not give a thing about the warping?

Thank you!

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I recently returned mine to Mekibo. The alpha and spacebar kits were fine, but the icon mods kit was warp city. It was so bad that even most of the 1.25u (yup, that small) looked like bananas. It was horrendous. Not even the first run of Gok BoW a few years ago was that bad, and it was bad enough that they replaced all caps 2.25u and up.

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