EPBT Spectrum is Go!


If anyone was or is interested in this set, it finally dropped yesterday, and is an in stock item. The black friday coupons listed on the site help take a bite out of the crazy shipping cost. I know NA and EU vendors will get their sets soon too, but they integrated the shipping costs into the sets, so they may cost just as much in the end. The spacebars were made (actually remade) using the new molds that EPBT just constructed a month or so ago to combat banana bars, but we’ve also heard all that before. In any case, I love the set and picked up a few kits. Also, EPBT Grayscale R2 went live as well, though do note that the accent kits are already gone.


But the accent kits aren’t gone…

I read your announcement and straight up bought the accent kits!

The Grayscale accents? I doubled checked before I posted, and they were sold out for me. The Spectrum kits were definitely in stock however. Regardless, I’m glad you got the kits you wanted! In stock sales.are.a crapshoot these days.

All of the Grayscale accent kits did sell out on Friday, but they seemed to have restocked since then as all of the colors are now available.

Yep. KBDFans has done this on BFCM weekend before. “Restocked” ePBT 9009 R4 over that weekend somehow in 2018.

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@hungermechanic we’re stuck with $20 shipping no matter what, right? i just wanted some cyan arrows and space bars man… pls post when you get yours. or was it @fatalruin who got spectrum accents.

I purchased the Spectrum and Grayscale accent kits. Along with some other stuff. So shipping was projected at higher than $20.

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COVID crushed China Post earlier this year making it unreliable and an even longer wait for delivery. What took 6 weeks before could take 12-16.

So KBDFans started enforcing premium shipping for all purchases. China Post has probably recovered but the premium carriers probably saved them so many headaches they decided to stick with it.

Shipping from China was artificially cheap to begin with. Your goods are literally crossing the pacific or the worlds largest continent depending on the direction. It shouldn’t be cheaper for me to have something shipped from Aliexpress than in country.

Logistically though those chinese packages get packed into container ships bound for your shore regardless, and per package/piece are probably cheaper to ship than a truck’s or plane’s worth of your local delivery service due to the volume they can hold. Granted customs and sorting add to the cost.

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Apexkeyboards is a proxy for the set of you’re in NA:

Candykeys if you’re in the EU:
*no link

They are still waiting on their shipments from Kbdfans I believe, but they will have the sets in stock soon. The prices are a tad higher per kit to factor in the shipping they had to pay, but shouldn’t cost you $20 to ship a kit or two.


it is probably smart for them to continue with the premium shipping for now. i don’t suppose the situation is going to return to pre-pandemic conditions anyway.

i am and thanks for linking.

Most DHL/FEDEX packages come by air, not ship. Also, China Post tracking is a mess. The better tracking of FEDEX and DHL likely saved KBDfans a ton of support time. They probably got tons of support requests from nervous buyers when the China Post tracking made no sense and it was taking months for packages to arrive.

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I was talking about the previous cheaper shipping options that they used to offer, not the DHL/FedEx that you’re forced into now. The shipping that took 30 days plus pre-Covid to get to North America was definitely by ship.

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