Epic Build Idea

I’ve had this idea for 60% alps builds using this case, the bbox60 in the c64 colorway. It’s basically just beige, the stickers are optional. It’s in stock right now but who knows how long that’ll last. People have made a couple alps builds with this case and the verdict seems to be that this case makes alps switches sound significantly better than any other 60% trey mount boards.

My idea is to make alps builds with this case, but make them themed around iconic vintage alps boards. For example, you’d do an orange alps build with AEK keycaps. Basically modernize vintage boards. You could do KB101A caps with blue alps, Zenith caps with green alps, videowriter caps with brown alps, and so forth. Maybe this is a pretty obvious idea but I don’t really think alps 60%s are all that appealing unless you use this case. And it works super well because one of the only colorways of this case that’s in stock is beige, meaning you could emulate the look of the majority of vintage boards. You wouldn’t even really have to destroy the original boards for this either, people sell the caps of alps boards all the time. I think someone’s selling KB101-A caps on the mechmarket discord rn.

I’ve bought all the parts I need to make an AEK one with Orange Alps. I just think having a whole collection of these for all the different major alps switches would be so sick. I’d probably do this if I had money. Sorry if this is dumb, I might delete this post if I wake up tomorrow and realize its stupid af. I’m drunk.


Sounds like a plan. Good luck.

I have one of the cases, the black one.

It’s feels quite odd tbh, too light and too hollow. But it does look good.


Alps sound good in BBox I put orange Alps in this one:


Good to hear that. Does the top row fit well with the case?

IIRC yes