Epoch 80 lookin fine

Cary at it again, this time in a TKL package. Looks epic. Get it? Epic. Epoch. See what I did?

Dolch badge looks really good in those photos.
(looks damn heavy too)


Looks awesome and highly desirable :slight_smile:

Edit: Unlimited GB … heavy breathing


The forehead looks better on a TKL than the 65% imo

I agree. I wouldn’t have thought it, but the overall design works better in a tkl for me.


Just received email from KBDFans that I can purchase it now.
Do we know anything about this keeb, besides the looks?
Expected typing feel, acoustics (with linears) etc?

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It’s the usual Kbdfans launch, with no info/reviews whatsoever.
Kinda like they did with Bella.

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Well, I took the dive and bought one in black. We’ll see how it goes.


The typing angle is quite low, at 3.6 degree. I wonder how comfortable to type on that angle.

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Nice, let us know how it is when you get it! I am tempted by this, but I just picked up a Devastating TKL & gotta save some loot for Thermal+ so I’m passing on this.

I’ve already taken a gamble on Boop (65% by Biip) because of design.
I’ll sit this one out for now, maybe next time.
Also, 3.6 degree typing angle is way to low for my standards.

lmao the pictures don’t even load right on my phone :rofl: classic kbdfans


Let us know how the board feels!

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Just got mine in. Is there a build guide for this anywhere?

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I didn’t see one. The only tricky part is getting the silicon gaskets installed. Just press them down slowly for one side to the other. The good thing is that they pull out and restick just fine if needed.

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Thanks for the advise. Any idea what that clear sheet is for in the box? I just made a DIY silicone dampner for the case. Lets see if I even will need it. How do you like yours?

Mine had a lot of issues that required me to return it. It sure looked beautiful though. My best guess was that clear sheet was to put between the PCB and bottom of the case. That way if there was too much flex and the switches hit the case bottom it would protect from shorting. That’s what I was going to do with it at least. :slight_smile: