Epsilon - a tiny low profile wired/wireless ortho keyboard

I wanted to experiment with ever smaller ortho designs, but the Gherkin and its derivatives were just a bit small to be practically useful. Adding just a handful more keys (35 keys instead of 30) in my opinion makes such a design vastly more usable. To keep it as small and thin as possible, Kailh LP switches are used. I’ve made a new NRF51 board in a Pro Micro factor. As such, this board can be used wired with a Pro Micro, or wirelessly with 2.4GHz wireless or Bluetooth. It can use a battery anywhere from a small and thin CR2016(about 6 weeks of battery life) to a C2450(six months or more). I use it wirelessly programming the receiver with QMK.


Beautiful work!
Care to share the design files?
How were the controllers manufactured?
Do you think you’ll make a case for it? It could probably fit in a pocket :slight_smile:

@SouthpawEngineer any chance you can share any of the PCB or anything for this? I am interested in trying to make something similar for mobile use.