Ergo Clear mod: Which lube for springs?

What kind of lube is best for applying to springs when making Ergo Clears?

I have already sourced some Tribosys 3203, which I think is going to work great for the switches’ bottom housings and stems, but I am still doubtful about the springs. Any recommendation?

I’ve seen Victorinox Oil and Dupont Teflon Silicone Lubricant being recommended in old posts from Geekhack and r/mk, but I wonder if they remain the best options in 2019.


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Oil like Krytox VPF 1514 is the absolute best, but I’ve had good luck with just adding a little tribosys to the ends of my springs.


You can get away without lubing springs if you lube the bottom part of the housing where the spring goes. As the spring compresses, it will get lubed up. I do that with 3204 sometimes. You just gotta lube around where the post goes in the thing and where the spring rests. I don’t know what to call that part…


Both @Lesbian & @Manofinterests methods will work great for killing spring noise. Personally I end up doing kinda a combo of the two. I bag lube my springs with Krytox VPF1514 then also lube the bottom part of the housing & bottom part of the stem where the spring contacts them with whatever lube I’m using for the housing & stems (usually Tribosys3204 or 3203). That has always produced great results for me, but if you don’t have any VPF1514 on hand I’d say try @Manofinterests’ method to see if it works well enough for you before ordering any VPF1514.