Ergo Clears vs Zealios v1 vs Zealios v2


Hey mates!

Looking forward to get an option from you!
I’m about to build a 60%, primarily for a wood case but I’m considering switch to a aluminum one in the future. The only issue is: What switch should I build it with…I never tried Zealios, so I feel like is must go with (and since I love Tealios, this option is reinforced). If I ended up going with the Zealios, should I try the v1 or v2? Thinking that the v1 will be more and more rare in the future makes me want to try them now. I don’t if I’d be really losing something if I choose the v2 though…what guys think? and What weight of springs you guys like the most? I’d probably get the 67g, but having a tactile with 62g is a very attractive idea.
But then there is the Ergo Clear…which is a switch mod that interests me a lot, specially with the BSUN housing(I posted before about this)…
Please, help me choose a path into the tactility!

Any comment will be veery much appreciated.



Well it really depends on what you are looking for in a tactile switch. If you want some pre-travel before the bump, are not concerned about them being ultra tactile, & are ok with a less rounded tactility V1 Zealios or Ergo Clears/Clear minded BSUN would be the way to go IMO. If you want the bump to start right at the top of the keypress, do want the biggest tactile bump possible, & want the tactility to be more rounded V2 Zealios would be the way to go IMO.

Although of course that is just my opinion & what I like may be completely different from what you like. So the best advice anyone can give you is to get a few tester switches of each type & try them out for yourself. Not trying to sound harsh by saying that, it just really is a much better way of deciding what is good for you vs taking other’s opinion on it. Anyways hope this info helps some! :metal:


Get a hotswap board so you can try them all with minimal fuss, starting with Zealios V2. YMMV but, imo trying V1 is not worth it when you have V2. Don’t waste money trying this and that. Just wait and go full in on the best of the best.


Thanks so much for the detailed description of the switches.
Since I never tried any of these, which one in your opinion is more unmissable in terms of, idk, the community standard, maybe not standard, but which one you think is more special? I know I’m going to the metaphysical terrain…


Thanks! That’s a good advice! I might some Zealios v2 as a start. Do you recommend any particular weight?


I got 62g V2 and am happy with it. My normal spring weight is 65g but went lower to compensate for the bigger bump at the top.

Just beware that most of the 60% hotswap PCBs available now have problem with thick center pole in the case. Aluminum Tofu was OK but center pole in acrylic Tofu was too thick so your wood case may have same problem.


I might do a dry test instead of getting a hotswap pcb. Was thinking of getting a dz60 for this build.
About the weight, I always thought I liked heavier switches but now I started to consider that…I confess that 62g sounds nice…


Well being honest, right now 78g V2 Zealios are my favorite MX tactile switch so I would have to say V2 Zealios would be the ones I find the most special out the of the bunch. To me they are pretty much the full package for MX tactiles. They have a large nicely rounded tactile bump that starts right at the top of the keypress, they are super smooth even unlubed, they are ultra consistent from switch to switch, & have a really nice sound signature to me. In my batch of 100 78g V2s I didn’t find one that felt weird, sounded weird, or even had much spring noise in their stock state! Not trying to push V2s on you to hard as I still suggest trying them all before buying if possible. Although honestly if I had to pick one MX tactile switch that I had to stick with forever, right now I’d go with V2 Zealios.


That’s amazing! To be honest I never knew anyone that prefer 78g. I might go with Zealios v2, not sure about the weight yet. I’m always conscious that switches is matter of taste but its always nice to see what people prefer and the reasons. Thanks for this. Just curious: What’d be your “stick with forever” linear switch?


I don’t want to hijack this thread, but I think it would add to the discussion. I’ve heard the tactility is different between the weights of v2? Can anyone describe the feeling? I’m familiar with lubed and unlubed box royals and 3203 lubed holy gsus. I surprisingly enjoyed the box royals in their unlubed clicky state. I want to go for lighter spring weights but I heard there’s a sweet spot for the v2s that has changed from the v1s?


Yeah 67g seems to be the most popular weight for Zealios, even after the shift to V2s. I’ve tried all the weightings in V1s & V2s, for whatever reason 78g feels the best me though. As for my “stick with forever” MX linear switch, that’s a tougher question. I’m not a huge fan of linear switches so my experience is a little more limited with them. I have yet to try a lot of the newer MX linear switches that came out lately like the NK creams or plethora of custom Gateron linears (Tangerines, Fei Matchas, Gat Inks, etc.). That said I’d probably go with V2 Tealios since V1 tealios are the best feeling MX linears I personally have tried & V2s tightened them up even more from what I’ve heard.

I should say with all this talk of "stick with forever’ switches that I would choose ALPS switches over MX if I had to choose. That is why I kept specifying “my favorite MX switch”. TBH overall SKCM browns are my favorite tactile switches, SKCL greens (preferably with a heavier spring) are my favorite linear switch, & SKCM blues just slightly edge out BOX Navies as my favorite clicky switch. I didn’t mention it before since it was off topic, but figured I’d mention it now since were talking about hypothetically being stuck using one switch forever. Thankfully though we don’t have to make decisions like this & can enjoy all the different mech switches out there!


Generally speaking, tactile bumps will be be felt more distinctly from the rest of the keypress with lighter springs, because the bump provides proportionately more resistance compared to the rest of the keypress. Heavier springs will make a tactile feel a bit smoother: some tactiles get a bit mushy with heavier springs, but IME the V2 Zealios feel a bit like a hybrid linear tactile in their heavier weights. It’s nice, just not exactly my jam!


I absolutely love the Tealios v2! But same as you, I never tried the Tangerines, Fei, etc…

About the Alps, I’m very interested in them lately…I recently purchased a Dell AT101w just to try…But I have the feeling that the switches were dirty, and they were Alps Blacks…so I’m not sure. It wasn’t my jam.
But I heard the Oranges are amazing…I started to think about building a tkl board with alps but I’m not really sure where to start…Specially for keycaps.

It was nice to hear your preferences!


No problem, hope it helped you get a better ideal of what you want to try! Don’t give up ALPS yet either! I had basically the same first experience with ALPS (a beat old AT101 with SKCM blacks that still feel bad even after being cleaned), but now after trying out ones in good condition & trying a good bit of the variants they are some of my favorites.

Also there are easy ways to get into ALPS. KBparadise makes variants of there V80 TKLs & their V60 60%s that come with Matias, Fukka, or simplified ALPS clone switches. So you could always grab one of them & swap some proper SKCM/SCKL ALPS switches into it to get a nice ALPS build without all the searching for caps & compatible parts. Just gotta find the switches for something like that!

Anyways, sorry for derailing the thread on ALPS I’ll quit talking about them in here. Hope my other input helped some though! Let us know what switches you go with when you decide & be sure to post some pics of the finished build when you get it done!


Do NOT recommend KBP Matias boards. They almost exclusively use the first iterations of the switches which have overly flimsy leaves and terrible, terrible chattering problems.


Yeah I should’ve mentioned that Matias switches they come with are worthless, good catch! I still think they would be worth grabbing for switch swapping though.


Actually was really nice hear you talk about Alps. I abandoned I a plan to build a Alps TKL board but now I started to think about it again. Maybe I’ll get the Hineybush Alps PCB when its out…I designed a TKL(planning to manufacture just one for myself only)…maybe I’ll do it in Alps…Do you think Alps Throwback could be a nice keyset? Anyway, I went too far form the topic now.

About the 60%, when I build it I’ll for sure post it here!


Thanks for the input on the Matias switches! Do you have an Alps favorite switch?


ALPS Throwback is tough one cause of it’s price & it being ran in SP’s DCS profile which is pretty thin. It is PBT with dye-subbed legends so it’ll hold up better than double shot ABS DCS & I’ve the heard the legends are very good on the sets. Still $270 to be able to cover a TKL is a super rough price for what they are, ALPS mount or not.


yeah! $270 for in stock keycaps is a little bit insane. They look nice though…but I think I’ll keep the keyset that I harvested from an AT101w, they’re pretty rough but they cover my needs.