Ergo mouse recomendation, right hand?

im getting texting thumb and im trying to do things like find a cheap ergo mouse that will accommodate that. i dont want to own a reddit account and i dont use discord. i know there are mouse forums on there but im already here so.

yeah anyone got any advice and shit? also trying to immobilize my right thumb because of how sore it is when im typing and its kind of annoying to try to use my left thumb for space while needing to use part of my concentration to keep the right from doing it **and if you have advice for that that i could act on and save me money getting a splint at cvs thatd be cool


I use a Logitech Vertical mouse, though that’s not cheap. You can get similar ones on Amazon in the $15-20 range searching for “vertical mouse”.

With that said, I got it for wrist pain, not thumb pain. I do think that the grip of a vertical mouse is the most natural position (bone structure wise), so hopefully it would help with whatever is going on with your thumb.

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I’ll second the suggestion for a vertical mouse.

I use a cheap ($20) vertical mouse that I found on Amazon. If you haven’t tried that sort of mouse, it might be worth giving it a shot to see if it helps.

However, if you are having serious issues, I would suggest talking to a doctor or physical / occupational therapist.

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i was looking at the mx master series. I like that curve, love how the thumb is able to sort of extend as opposed to claw around the interior angle of the mouse. not finding much similar stuff though

also anyone know how i could change some keys for the 2.0add in via? got the files? im not sure where the firmware is and i dont want to go onto discord to get the faq in another language and files and shit

My friend has wrist-related RSI and enjoys a trackball. Just putting it out there. Let me also suggest an alternate phone grip and/or a BT keyboard for texting.

When my hand has bothered me due to ambient phone use, I noticed another friend holding her phone in sort of the crook of her left hand and using her left thumb and right index finger to text. I never got totally used to it, but it might give some relief if it’s flaring up.

For keyboard, I gather any BT keyboard would work. iPhone has nice keyboard controls. Can’t comment on Android, but imagine they are similar. This was before I got into customs and needed something for working at the kitchen table during the pandemic. I got this little Logitech scissor switch board that can pair with three devices. I still like it, for what it is. It really doesn’t feel bad.

I guess, now that I think about it… if you’re on Windows, Phone Link actually isn’t bad for iPhone now. Extremely limited, but you can type into iMessage via BT using the same API that cars use, just not into group conversations. It will just show you notifications for those. I’m sure it won’t solve your problem, but maybe it’s another piece of the puzzle.

If you use Android, the phone interoperability with Windows is much better and would be something else to look into. If you’re an Apple user, you probably already use your phone with your computer.

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I’m not sure what ambient means here I’ve experimented with trying diff ways and your reply is prompting me to remember to do that right now as I neglect homework tonight! I wrap my pinkey around back and claw, bottom corner dug into my palm, middle finger supporting the back face of the phone, ring helping to brace the side the pinkeys supporting, and pointer pressing down on the top of the edge of the side of the phone it sits on. My dominant hand holds the phone, and I’m trying a relaxed fist with my left hand, using the natural posture of its thumb to input. There’s some strain in my fore arm so I should try the other way. Yep that’s better

Fav trackball is L-trac but I like mice better

Yah, I like trackballs just to cool up some crazy split keyboard or for old arcade games and not much else, but I know some swear by them.

By ambient I just meant kind of…perpetual and with debatable necessity. Like when I look down and realize that I’m constantly holding my phone, scrolling, checking things, that I don’t necessarily need to do continuously or could do on a PC. Meanwhile, realizing my hand feels strained.


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Logitech has two vertical mice, Vertical and Lift. The former is more expensive and is built better, but is also larger. I tried both on in a store and immediately could tell the Lift fit my hand and the Vertical did not. Try them out if you can! Never had any wrist pain or such issues, just wanted to try out something different and I’m really starting to like the Lift. Occasionally still knock it over when moving my hand over to the keyboard though

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No I am looking at more conventional mice, the Mx master series has a great spot for my arthritic thumb for instance in an ergo mouse. Vert mouse looks really stupid to me so I’d be really hesitant thinking about that

Same kinda person honestly as I am imagining it ^

I’m not getting caught dead with that shit

Hey, I just realized what my friend does with her phone is a little different from what I told you. She takes her thumb of one hand and rests it on the bottom middle of the phone, holding it up. She holds it up from the back as well with the second through fourth fingers of the opposite hand. Then she types with the index finger of the hand whose thumb is on the bottom and the thumb of the hand holding the back. It’s pretty ergonomic.

Nice, that feels pretty natural here as I’m laying in bed

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I don’t use vertical mouse. for gaming just go with any Lamzu mouse, possibly the best value for money right now. And since you’re looking for ergo, specifically Lamzu Thorn