ErgoDox EZ vs Moonlander

I was wondering if the Moonlander is just an ErgoDox EZ but with a few more features. They cost about the same price with a base ErgoDox EZ with switches and keycaps coming in at $354 and the moonlander coming in at $365.

It would be useful to provide links…

Ergodox EZ:

Moonlander: ZSA Moonlander: Next-gen Ergonomics


Sorry to bump an older thread, but I see I’m not the only one curious about this. The Moonlander is prominently advertised on the Ergodox site, but leads you to the ZSA site where it seems to be an entirely different company?

I’m also curious if anyone has use the Moonlander. The reviews I’ve found so far seem generally positive.

A timeline might help:

  • The ErgoDox is produced by Dox
  • ZSA creates the ErgoDox EZ, a commercialized and more broadly-manufactured variant of the ErgoDox
  • ZSA creates the Moonlander

So, on the site for the ErgoDox EZ ZSA advertises its new product, the Moonlander. On the ErgoDox site (not what was linked), the ErgoDox EZ is linked but the Moonlander is not.


Yes, that does help. Also knowing that this isn’t, actually, the original ErgoDox is equally helpful.

Thank you.

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