ErgoDox SA profile?

Does anyone have a suggestion of where to get a set of ErgoDox* or similar SA keycaps? I want a consistent color (brown or black, ideally) which causes me all ends of grief but would probably prefer blanks over labeled keys, which makes things much easier. I can slowly piece together the keys I need from PMK but that’s pricey and getting things in the same color is not a guarantee…

*Doesn’t necessarily have to be ErgoDox. I modified it a bit for myself: GitHub repo of my goofy keyboard with pics

there are some blank SA caps on aliexpress, but i believe they are only like half sculpted iirc

Yeah, it looks like they’re all R3, with maybe some R2/R4 keys :confused:

PimpMyKeyboard may be a good place to look. And they may even have ergodox kits